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spy cameras & equipment

Listen and Voice

Cameras with built in DVR

Spy Cameras Wireless

Voice Recorders

Tracking Devices

Personal Protection
CCTV Security Cameras

Infrared, LED, Outdoors

Video Recorder

Network cameras

Home Security

DVR Computer System

Video Transmitters

Alarm Equipment

Computer Monitoring System

Mobile audio & video

GPS Tracking system

Other Products!


Hidden Camera Systems

Acoustic Noise Generator

Item# BGK-ANG-2200

Bionic Ear and Booster Set

Item # BGK-Bionic Ear

Detect Ear


Surface Mic

Item # BGK-EAR-2000


Audio Jammer

Item # BGK-J1000

Portable Noise Generator

Item # BGK-PNG-200


Super Ear

Item # BGK-SE-4000

Wireless Microphone Set

Item # BGK-SWM-2


Voice Changer II

Item # BGK-VC-II


Professional Voice Transformer

Item # BGK-VC-VT

Novelty Portable Voice Changer

Item # BGK-VC168






Cell Phone Voice Changer

Item # BGK-VC2000

Professional Voice Changer



COMSEC III Wire Tap Detector

Item # BGK-C3I-II


Safe Line Telephone Analyzer & Tap Detector

Item # BGK-SL100


Super Tap Buster

Item # BGK-TD1001


Tele-Data Guard Tap Detector& Privacy Module

Item # BGK-TDG028


Telephone Tap Nullifier

Item # BGK-TN80


Phone Manager Plus

Item # BGK-V1170