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Item # BGK-C1175

Our high grade self-contained ingenious SleuthGear™ Covert Video Camera is completely undetectable. The cap has a secret lining inside that hides a high grade CCD video camera that shoots through a pinhole you'd need a magnifying glass to see. The special covert secret lining can also hides a digital video recorder. You have a completely self-contained covert video recording system like nothing else on the market! The camera is positioned in a place dead-center of the cap so the video recording records what you see with your eyes. No need to worry about aiming, positioning, wires, wireless connections or anything else since everything is built right into the cap. Just put on the cap and you are ready to conduct covert video operations! Compatible with our line of Pro Grade DVRs. DVR500, DVR800, DVR1235

• ¼ CCD
• 450 TV Lines
• Color
• 0.2 Lux
• 4.3 MM lens
• 80 Degree Field of view
•  Power 5 Volt


• Hat camera
• Switching cables
• Battery holder


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