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SkyTRX GPS System
Item # BGK-H3100

Price: CALL

SkyTRX GPS Systems are designed to provide accurate tracking data in an all in one inclusive package. Our sophisticated circuitry and small sleek design offers a robust solution to asset management at an affordable price. These GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit are a great way to track your vehicles or mobile assets. When you need to find out where the vehicle traveled, you simply download the data to your PC. The SkyTRX H-3100 vehicle tracking unit can accurately evaluate travel activities, with proof of exact date, time, speed, and location. The SkyTRX H-3100 will tell you where a vehicle went, when it was there and how long it was parked. It will also tell you how fast the vehicle was traveling at any given point in time. The software will even allow you to animate the route traveled on a digitized street map. Two models to choose from:

H-3100-INT GPS Tracker features integrated GPS antenna, advanced GPS flash storage (300 hour capacity), USB data port, power indicator.

H-3100-EXT GPS Tracker with external antenna features integrated GPS antenna, advanced GPS flash storage (300 hour capacity), USB data port, power indicator LED, on / off power switch, external power jack, and battery holder in a water resistant housing. Includes new Version 2006 software with digital maps covering the United States and one click satellite image integration displaying travel route overlay, and USB download cable.


• Housing: Weather Resistant
• Mounting: Magnetic
• Power: Internal - 4AA Battery
• External - 12V Input Jack
• Sleep Mode Time: = 3 Minutes 30 seconds
• Reacquisition Time: 1 Minute
• Cold Start Time: 3 Minute Stationary
• 5-7 Minutes While In Motion
• GPS Receiver: 12 Channel
• Communication Protocol: NEMA
• Communication Rate: 9600 Baud
• Memory Type: Flash Memory (nonvolatile)
• Storage Capacity: 300 Hours
• Data Output: USB
• Battery Life (Drive Time Hours):
• Lithium: = 50 hours
• Alkaline: = 25 hours
• NiCAD: = 15 hours
• NiMH: = 15 hours
• Power Draw:
• Operational Draw: = 60 mAh
• Sleep Mode Draw: > 1 mAh
• H3100INT
• Self contained H3100-INT GPS Tracker features integrated GPS antenna
• H3100EXT
• Self contained H-3100-EXT GPS Tracker with external antenna



SIZE: 4" x 3 3/4" x 1 3/4"





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