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Real time GPS Tracker Pro

New and Improved GPSSTPro tracker is completely self contained, low cost and easy to install. Once activated this device is simple to use. The unit can be placed inside the vehicle under the seat, inside a glove compartment, trunk or other numerous locations. Just place the GPSSTPro in the vehicle you wish to track, go to the website from any internet capable computer and a detailed map with tracking information appears showing you time, speed of vehicle, street address and last stop. Web Access Plans are economical and flexible. Bundle plans began at only $19.95.

When you want to place the GPSSTPRO on the outside of a vehicle or attach it to a metal surface, you can purchase the Magnet Mount for the GPSSTPRO.


• Upgraded internal modem Real-Time Pro will work anywhere in North America where there is GSM coverage: Cingular, T-Mobile, Fido and Rogers.
• Real-Time Pro is the only provider in North America that allows units to roam freely on any network without roaming charges.
• The Real-Time Pro has improved firmware: no more resets required!
• New and more efficient internal antenna
• User can Turn modem on and off
• Best rates for locates
• Fully automated internet activation client does not have to do anything else than put the batteries in and put there payment into the system, no calls for setup no hassles.
• Users can set up a speed limit; if speed is exceeded alerts can be sent to emails addresses and cell phones great feature for those new teenage drivers.
• Users can set up a perimeter (geofence) on a device this will mean less necessary communication while still having protection.
• Hours of Operation: set times when locates are not necessary
• Best tracking Application
• Easily switch from regular mapping to satellite mapping
• Online satellite maps with “Birds Eye View”
• All information in one screen
• Device controls online
• Notification flexibility for a multitude of events, geofence, battery level etc.
• Export function to Microsoft Excel or KML with Google Earth
• Online availability/uptime that cannot be beat!!
• Support
• Email ticketing (resolution within 24 hours in general)
• Online chat for immediate issues, manned 16 hours a day
• Customer can access an online knowledge base where any user can find answers to 90% of all the cases
• See spec sheet for locate bundle pricing



• Instructions

SIZE: 5 3/4" x 3" x 1 1/4"


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