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Electronic Vehicle Anti-Theft System


Item # BGK-P041


Another new addition to our Personal Protection line is The Electronic Vehicle Anti-Theft System. An innovative vehicle theft deterrent that mounts easily to the steering wheel and offers an astounding array of features designed to provide a high level of protection against vehicle theft, air bag theft and joy riding.

Once The Electronic Vehicle Anti-Theft System is locked in place, warning lights and an alarm system are activated from outside the vehicle via the remote control. Three flashing LED lights advertise that the vehicle is protected. Lights are visible even through tinted glass. If The Electronic Vehicle Anti-Theft System is tampered with, a motion-activated, 120 decibel siren sounds. This combination of advanced features makes The Electronic Vehicle Anti-Theft System the most effective vehicle theft deterrent on the market today

• Super High Impact Resistant Construction
• Highly visible
• Space age structural resin
• Lightweight
• Weather resistant
• Reinforced with a steel frame
• Resists sawing, drilling, hammering and grinding
• Prevents rotating steering wheel
• Protects your air bag
• Covers 200 degrees of steering wheel
• Keyed Lock - Part of the remote control
• Easy grip key
• 3 flashing lights LED Warning Lights
• Lights visible through tinted glass
• Motion-Activated 120 Decibel Siren
• Non-Skid Lining
• Uses 4 AA batteries included


• The Vehicle Anti-Theft System
• Two Remote Controls W/ Built in keys
• Instructions
• Cigarette Lighter Plug
• Manual and CD


Size:   12" x 3 1/4" x 24 - 27"


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