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  Personal Protection


Reverse Peephole

Item# BGK-C1172


Hand-Held Personal Metal Detector

Item # BGK-D1250


Mini Stun Gun Set

Item # BGK-FF350


Semen Detection Spy Kit

Item # BGK-K1000


Key Shark Keyboard Logger

Item # BGK-KS892


USB Key Logger

Item # BGK-KS932


Check Mate Semen Detection Kit

Item # BGK-KT100


SIM Recovery Pro

Item # BGK-P0230


Electronic Vehicle Anti-Theft System

Item # BGK-P041


Door Secure With Motion Activated Alarm

Item # BGK-P051


CD & DVD Destroyer

Item # BGK-P1010


Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Item # BGK-P126

Personal Listening Amplifier

Item # BGK-S1800


Pen Scope

Item # BGK-SG-401


Item # BGK-SG-409


Spy Sunglasses

Item # BGK-SG001

TeleSpy, Portable Personal Home Alarm

Item # BGK-SN1

RFID Tag Alarm System

Item # BGK-TA100