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spy cameras & equipment

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Spy Cameras Wireless

Voice Recorders

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Personal Protection
CCTV Security Cameras

Infrared, LED, Outdoors

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Other Products!


Hidden Camera Systems

SleuthGear™ Track Quick Pro

Item# BGK-GPS200

SleuthGear™ Track GPRS

Item # BGK-GPS250

Real Time GPS with Cellular Assist

Item # BGK-GPS500


Magnet Mount Bracket For GPSST



Real time GPS Tracker Pro


GPS Sports Watch

Item # BGK-GPSW10


Weatherproof Magnetic Box for the H0002 and GPS500

Item # BGK-E0001


SkyTRX GPS System

Item # BGK-H3100


Professional Mini-Tracker

Item # BGK-H4100


Battery Pack For Use With GPS200

Item # BGK-A2020

Battery Pack For Use With GPS250

Item # BGK-A2040